(612) 808-0252

(612) 808-0252

1915 E 22nd Street, Minneapolis, MN 55404

1915 E 22nd Street, Minneapolis

Trans Strength

Members of a Trans Strength class, a fitness class for transgender individuals out of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN.

This Class Meets:

Tue & Thu 6:30 pm

Saturdays 9:00 am

Trans Strength is an exclusive class designed for individuals who self-identify as trans. Our dedicated team is here to tailor your workouts to suit your unique needs based on your personal goals.

This class helps you develop functional strength and offers personalized coaching based on your body and goals. Whether your aim is to increase muscle mass or achieve specific body shaping goals, our coaches are committed to supporting your journey.

This mixed-level class is suitable for individuals of any experience level and background. Our highly qualified coaches are trans-identified and possess a deep understanding of the needs of trans folks.

Trans Strength has at its core a community focus. Our participants have forged close-knit relationships and a support network that extends far beyond the boundaries of the class. We would love to have you a part of our Trans Strength community.

Strength work to help you build muscle in ways that support your personal goals

Exclusively for folks who identify as trans

Coached by Trans coaches who are dedicated to your success

What our Athletes Are Saying...

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