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Personal Training

To work with one of our Personal Trainers, book a spot on their personal calendar below, text us at (612) 808-0252 with the name of the trainer you'd like to work with, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Neesh Evans


Neesh Seif


Fitness coach and personal trainer Neesh Evans, who trains out of Minneapolis, MN.


Trauma Informed Coaching

Trans Female Aesthetic and Strength Training

Sport Specific Training

Mobility Training

Beginner Olympic Weightlifting


Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

CPR/AED Certified

HIIT Certified Coach


Neesh is a trans white woman. She started her movement journey when she was only 2 years old as a tumbler. She then moved onto diving, then swimming, then cheerleading in college, and now she is a competitive weightlifter. She graduated from Huntington University with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science in 2018. She has previously worked in group training at the YMCA and Orangetheory. Her focus has shifted from franchise fitness into serving a community that feels closer to her heart (queer and trans). She is available for bookings from athletes searching for sport specific training; as well as trans women who are looking to alter the physique of their body. Neesh’s goal for every client is to help them listen and understand the signs and signals of their body to deliver a collaborative program to accomplish their desired result for every client.

Garrett Hoffman


Fitness coach and personal trainer Garrett Hoffman, who trains out of Minneapolis, MN.


Introductory Olympic Weightlifting

Introductory Powerlifting

Working with folks with chronic pain/illness

Strength building post gender-affirmation surgeries


CF L1 certified

CPR/AED Certified

Certified Personal Development Coach (CaPP Institute)


Garrett is a white, gay, trans man living with chronic pain from rheumatoid arthritis. He's a life-long athlete, weightlifter, and former elite rugby player. Garrett’s training framework is trauma-informed, size-inclusive, and gender-inclusive. He likes to work with trans folks preparing for or recovering from gender-affirmation surgeries, or trans folks generally who want to feel strong in their bodies. He also likes to work with folks with chronic pain, auto-immune disorders and other issues that make movement difficult. He loves to help his clients feel powerful with a barbell at all stages of their personal progress.

Jeff Garcia


Fitness coach and personal trainer Jeff Garcia, who trains out of Minneapolis, MN.


Introductory to Intermediate Powerlifting

Strength & Fitness for BIPOC

Beginner Conditioning

Working with neurodivergent clients


NASM Certified Personal TrainerCPR/AED CertifiedLicensed Special Education Teacher


Jeff is an Afro-Puerto Rican gardener, educator, and nerd from New York, living with cerebral palsy (left hemiplegia) and Nonverbal Learning Disorder. They began their athletic career as a collegiate rower and began strength training in 2014. Jeff enjoys working with BIPOC clients, big-bodied clients, and athletes in non-traditional sports. As a former special education teacher and disabled athlete, he prioritizes creating an accessible environment in the gym and building practical strength for his clients.


Garrett has been a trainer for over a decade and enjoys working with people who are experiencing pain or limitations due to mobility issues. He prefers to work with clients who have a desire to start with building fundamental movement patterns in order to rehabilitate previous issues or prevent future injury. He likes working with people to recover from chronic back pain and individuals over 55+ who want to avoid or manage pain.



Corrective Exercise

55+ Fitness

Strength basics


ACE Group Fitness and Personal Training

The Ready State/ MWOD Movement and Mobility Specialist Level 2

CPR/AED Certified

Garrett Ferderber


Hannah Wydeven


Fitness coach and personal trainer Hannah Wydeven, who trains out of Minneapolis, MN.


Postpartum Recovery

Prenatal Exercise, Labor prep

Women 55+ Strength training

Injury Recovery


Prenatal & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

CrossFit L1

Functional Movement Specialist L2

CPR/AED Certified


Hannah has been training since 2009, and has worked with a wide variety of folks at different levels of fitness. She prefers to work with individuals who are somewhere in the birthing process - from preparing for pregnancy all the way to 10+ years postpartum working on diastasis and pelvic floor repair. She also likes working with fat-bodied folks and people 55+ who want to move well in their bodies and are tired of trainers that place bias-rooted limitations on them.

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