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Whether you are newly postpartum, or you are still struggling years later, this course is for you.

  • Rebuild your core

  • Rehab your pelvic floor

  • Recover from birth

1-hr of content per week, repeatable 10-20 minute workouts. Results as soon as 2 weeks.

Zero emphasis on weight loss

How does it work?

Postpartum Recovery 101 is a 6-week online course. Each week you will watch and complete a 25-40 minute pre-recorded session with coach Hannah. There is NO equipment required for these sessions and you can wear whatever clothes you have on.

You are encouraged to complete the workouts you learned 2-3 more times throughout the week. These workouts only take about 10-20 minutes to complete each time.

The course also includes some bonus videos about how to improve your posture while feeding your baby, how to jump without peeing your pants, and how to carry your baby (or big kid!) without back pain.

This course is built to be convenient and transformative. You only need a little time each week to repair your core, stop peeing your pants, and feel strong again.

What people are saying about the program

"When I discovered I had an over six inch diastasis 8 years postpartum, I began doing diastasis specific exercises I found online. Being so many years postpartum, I was not sure if I would be successful. I spent months doing the exercises I found and did not see much change. Within just a few weeks of beginning the Postpartum Recovery 101 series my gap has decreased to just about 1/2 an inch!

The exercises in the series took me less time than the ones I had been doing previously but were so much more effective. The pelvic floor connection is completely lacking in all other exercises and programs and it is the game changer. I am able to apply the concepts I learned in the Postpartum Recovery 101 course in all of my activities and I have seen tremendous progression - I have been able to return to running pain free and lift heavier weights - I am completely ecstatic about the results!"

-Michele R.

Meet Your Coach

Hannah Wydeven has been coaching since 2010. In 2016 she was struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction and became invested in her own recovery. She studied under Sarah Duvall to become a Prenatal and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, to help her understand her own recovery and help others overcome pelvic floor issues.

She then gave birth to her first child in 2019 and has been on a mission to help people recover from birth. She knows how difficult the postpartum period can be, and is invested in helping you recover in a gentle and sustainable way.


When can I start this program?

It's always important to ask your medical provider before starting any new program. I recommend this program from 4 weeks postpartum and beyond. I've worked with people 10+ years postpartum and seen major growth.

What if I can't finish in 6 weeks?

That's ok! Even if you start and stop and start again later, you will still get enormous benefits. You have access to the course for one year after purchase, so you can use it at your own pace.

Are the exercises difficult to do?

Nope! That's the beauty of this program. The exercises are simple and repeated often. It may take time to teach your body, but once you get it you will be able to apply the skills to anything else in your life.

How is it different than other programs?

Most postpartum programs are about losing weight or looking different after having baby. They are made up of HIIT workouts and calorie deprivation diets. This program is about using your breath to heal you from the inside out so you can overcome pain, build a stronger core, and live your life well.

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