[Em]Power Fitness

Our program for beginners, to help build your strength and confidence in any gym setting.

[Em]Power Fitness is a 6-week introductory strength and conditioning class that is built for beginners.

Classes meet for 1 hour, 2x weekly

Learn safe barbell lifting to prevent injury while building strength.

Bodyweight skills for beginners to meet your body where it is today.

Small group of 10 with a dedicated coach who modifies everything to you.

No burpees, we promise

You are perfect for this class if you:

  • Are brand new to a gym setting

  • Have worked out but never been coached

  • Are returning to fitness after time away

  • Have always wanted to be strong, capable and in control of your body

  • Want to join group classes but don't feel ready

Anyone and everyone of any level is welcome to join us. We mean it. We are a body-affirming space and we really do believe strength training is for ALL bodies.

Limited to 10 participants,

Sessions fill quickly.

More about Who We Are

Solcana is a queer-friendly, feminist and equity focused gym located in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis. We offer classes focused on strength training and conditioning, and believe that high-quality fitness should be accessible to all bodies.

1915 E 22nd Street, Minneapolis, MN 55404


Text us at (612) 808-0252