(612) 808-0252

(612) 808-0252

1915 E 22nd Street, Minneapolis, MN 55404

1915 E 22nd Street, Minneapolis

Masters Fitness: Women Over 50

Members of Solcana's Masters Fitness class, a fitness class designed for Women over 50 in Minneapolis, MN.

This Class Meets:

Mon & Wed 5:30 pm

Tue & Thu 8:00 am

Masters Women is a program exclusively for women over 50 years old who want to stay strong and active as they age.

This program is designed for peri-, post- and currently menopausal women who are experiencing changes in their bodies as a response to hormonal shifts.

The focus of this class is on building and maintaining mobility, strength and power, without high-impact workouts.

Whether you have been active your whole life, are recovering from an injury, or have never been active before, this class is for you

Strength-focused workouts to help you maintain muscle as you age

Small group of 6-8 people so you get focused attention from a coach

A community like you of women who are active and excited about working out

What our Athletes Are Saying...

"If you're thinking about trying or signing up for the master's program at Solcana, I wholeheartedly recommend you do! A few reasons why I love the program include: The coaches are super knowledgeable and welcoming; the classes can be tailored for my needs if I'm working through an injury or just need to do something a bit different on a given day; I've built amazing relationships with coaches and fellow athletes; and finally, I feel strong and capable because of the program. Give it a try!"

- Meghan C

"I’m a runner, triathlete, and — now — a lifting enthusiast! I feel like I'm not just working on improving my fitness, but also strengthening my body so as to avoid injury and remain active for years to come. I'm improving my balance (helpful for winter preparation), learning how to lift and carry heavy loads safely (pet food from Costco, anyone??) and building strong muscles and bones. Everyone comes from all kinds of fitness backgrounds, and the coaches are skilled at providing alternatives for all the exercises, taking into account personal comfort and any injuries. I have recommended this class to many women my age and older, and will gladly continue to do so!"

- Kate V

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