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Welcome to The 2024 Winter/Invitational Cycle

January 08, 20241 min read

What To Expect In Group Fitness

The goal of the Winter/Invitational Cycle (January-March, 2024) is increasing our overall physical capacity. We will use a wide variety of exercises to improve our strength, stability, endurance, power output, resiliency and adaptability. Throughout this cycle you should feel challenged in a variety of ways. This will lead to more confidence with a wider variety of expressions of physicality. This process will conclude with our Invitational Workouts in March. 

New Weekly Flow

We've noticed that most people come to classes on M/W/F or Tu/Th/Sa with a few people coming more times or on a more variable schedule. We have built a new weekly flow around the idea that we want everyone to get to work on Strength, Conditioning and Volume each week. A balanced week of exercise provides safer and more consistent progress than too much training in one mode. So, if possible, we want you to try to get to one or more of each type of day every week. The specific exercises that appear on each day will vary more than they did in the previous cycle, but the intention will be the same each day, week to week.

Weekly Training Scheme

Strength = fewer reps at higher intensities; strength and stability gains.

Conditioning = steady output and intervals; power, endurance and cardiovascular gains.

Volume = lots of reps at medium intensities; muscle building, core and skill gains. 

The 2024 Solcana Invitational

The Invitational consists of 5 workouts that test and challenge different areas of physical capacity. The Invitational also provides opportunities for fun, team spirit and friendly competition. The Invitational takes place in March with Invitational Events every Friday in March. Look for details and registration coming soon.

Garrett Ferderber

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