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October AOTM: Bryson Dyce

October 02, 20232 min read

We’re so stoked to announce Bryson as our October Athlete of the Month! Bryson is a valued member of our community and is known for his kindness and dedication to improvement. Read more about our October Athlete of the Month below!

Solcana athlete Bryson Dyce posing for a photo.

Coach Garrett H says, “Bryson is so dope. In the gym, he works really hard, asks good questions, and is constantly trying to improve his lifts. Bryson is a valued member of the trans strength community; other members tell me he's someone they watch because of his mature approach to lifting, hard work, and orientation towards technique improvement. Bryson is a person I try to pair new folks up with because of his kindness, gentleness, and ability to adapt his communication and style to the people he's interacting with. I'm so glad Bryson is part of our little lifting community!!”

Coach Neesh adds, “Bryson is a dedicated learner. I admire his persistence. If he can’t get a movement quite right the first time he is absolutely going to try it again and again until he masters it. I have been working with him specifically around Olympic lifting and he has made some MAJOR improvements over the last few months because he doesn’t give up. He takes the feedback you give him, takes time to process, and then asks more questions to formulate a deeper understanding. Congrats Bryson, keep working hard!”

Solcana athlete Bryson Dyce posing with a Pride flag.

Bryson describes his journey as an athlete at Solcana:

“I joined Solcana in December 2022. My overall goal was to find a gym that could help me get stronger. Fast forward about 9 months, and I feel and look stronger, my mobility has improved, my lifting knowledge has expanded, and I feel part of a greater community. There are so many aspects of Solcana that I connect with. We’re not just gym members, we’re each athletes. The coaches know us and encourage us on individual levels. Most importantly Tuesdays are chest days!”

“Solcana Fitness benefits me physically and also mentally. It feels good to hit PRs. It feels great to interact with people with similar experiences and goals. It’s awesome to learn and execute new movements. Becoming stronger has helped me be more connected with and happy with my body. I’m more confident both inside and outside the gym. I feel fortunate to be a part of this fitness community, and can’t wait to see where the adventure takes me next.”

About Bryson’s life outside of the gym: “I enjoy playing the trombone (in a community band), writing, and cross stitching. My newest interest is solving Rubik’s cubes. I also like spending time with my family (I’m a 6 time uncle and a new step dad) and friends. I like camping, playing games, drag shows, and Star Trek.”

Bryson is a treasured member at Solcana and we look forward to watching his continued growth!

Cate Reynolds

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