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Jonathan P: 1000 Class Athlete!

September 26, 20233 min read

Jonathan came to Solcana in 2017 and has grown and thrived as an athlete ever since. Jonathan is one of the most caring and self aware people you are ever likely to meet. He has a calm determination that comes through in his approach to workouts. We have been proud to be on this journey with Jonathan from injuries to his amazing D&D workouts to him getting his first of many bar muscle ups. We are so pleased to be celebrating Jonathan. He has participated in 1270 classes and counting! Learn a bit more about Jonathan and get the scoop on his workout. Be sure to join in the celebration during all Group Fitness classes this Friday, September 29th.

  • Where are you from? Chippewa Falls, WI

  • How did you get started doing fitness stuff? 
    I’ve been doing fitness for a very long time. I was a runner for many years, and did cross country and tennis in high school. I’ve been working out at Solcana since 2017. 

  • What is your athletic super-power? What is something you feel especially good at? Pull ups and associated variations

  • What is the area you would most like to improve on? To be honest, I would most like to improve the flexibility of my hamstrings. My inflexibility most affects my rowing technique, my barbell lifting ([it’s] awkward to reach the barbell) and likely limits my squat. I also really want a strict ring muscle up.

  • What is your favorite thing about Solcana? My favorite thing about working out at Solcana is the accessibility for all body types and the willingness of coaches to meet patrons where they are at. Despite being more of a fitness veteran, I love watching other members progress and get excited about their accomplishments. The community keeps me returning. There is not really a concept of failure at the gym, as the emphasis is more placed on the effort over results. There’s a reason I have been continuously coming here since 2017. 

Jonathan’s Workout

  • Check out Jonathan’s custom workout playlist!!!

  • Why did you choose these exercises? To be honest, I am still easing back into barbell work after sustaining a wrist injury, otherwise I would have incorporated some barbell stuff too. However, I’ve learned to continue and adjust my fitness as injuries pop up. I selected these movements as a more cardio intense, bodyweight workout. It feels simple, yet challenging. I also really feel a sense of satisfaction in increasing the difficulty as workouts progress. It’s a little bit of a spin on the baseline workouts we do when joining the gym. It also incorporates a sense of teamwork in the rowing portion, which I love.

  • Any advice for someone about to do it? Coming from an endurance background, my counsel is to pace yourself. Try to set a pace where you could see yourself increasing the intensity as the workout progresses, rather than burn yourself out. Make it easy the first round. Find your happy rhythm with the row. Enjoy the satisfaction of either more challenging movements or increased reps as the workout progresses.

The “Jonathan P”


Avaricious Animals

Wall balls in the center. Do your favorite animal crawl to get to the center and back. Whatever team has the most wallballs wins.

2-3 rounds
-Duck Walk
-Crab Walk
-Bear Crawl
-Piggies and Horsies
-Tarantula Crawl
-Wacky Jackals (Wacky Jacks)

Part A

“The Boat” 12:00

With rowers in a line, everyone rows together, person in front sets the pace and everyone does their best to follow the person in front of them.

At 2:00 and every 2:00, everyone moves forward one rower, person in front goes to back. Quick transition and rest to get right back to rowing.

Try to keep strokes per minute between 22 and 30.

Part B


20 Squat/Heel Up Squat/Assisted Pistols/Pistols
15 Sit Up/Tuck Up/V-Up/Candlestick
10 Elevated Push Up/Push Up
5 Ring Row/Assisted Pull Up/Pull Up/Chest to Bar/Muscle Up

*Start with reduced reps or with movements that feel easy, work toward more reps or variations that are increasingly challenging for you.

*If you are unable to complete the work in the 2:00, rest for a round and start again with something that feels doable.

Solcana fitness team, the AMRATS, posing for a photo after a fitness class in Minneapolis, MN.

Garrett Ferderber

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