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Join In The Fun: The 2024 Solcana Invitational!

January 26, 20243 min read

Are you ready for exciting challenges, community building and friendly competition? The Solcana Invitational is back, and registration is now open! Here's everything you need to know about this year's event.

What is the Invitational?

The Invitational is a gym-wide, month-long series of events where everyone is encouraged to do special workouts, challenging ourselves to do our very best and see what we are capable of. 

There are 5 different Invitational event workouts, which start on Friday, March 1st and run every Friday in March. The event workouts are crafted in secret by Coach Hannah and then revealed on Thursday evening at 5 pm. The workouts will include movements that we are currently focusing on as a gym. Expect a diverse range of movements and formats.

How Does It Work?

All Solcana members can participate in all the events. You can tackle the workouts during Group Fitness classes on Fridays and Saturdays in March, as well as during Open Gym times on Sundays and Mondays. We will host Friday Night Lights events from 4:30-7 PM each Friday in March. Come enjoy a festive atmosphere where you can do the workout as well as cheer and enjoy weekly themes and additional team fun. 

What’s Up With Teams?

Teams do not compete in the workouts. Instead, teams are for connecting to new people and motivating each other to do our best.  Teams will vie for fun prizes like best team name, best team costume, and more. It's all about enjoyment and connection. When you register, you can opt in or out of being put on a team. Being on a team will in no way influence how you approach your workouts.

Do I Have To Register?

No, but please do! Even if you don't plan to do a single workout, registering opens doors to community building, team participation, and the chance to win exciting prizes. Newer athletes are especially encouraged to join for a chance to form lifelong connections. That said, you can unofficially participate in all the events without registering and still take what you want from those experiences. 

Scaling Options:

You will be able to choose from 4 pre-made categories or the Play category. The pre-made categories will have set options that mean everyone who chose that category will do the exact same workout. The Play category allows you to take any options and even add your own options to make the workout that feels best to you. There is no need to commit to one category – mix and match week to week! Here are the categories and some examples of options for each:

workout categories for scaling competitive workouts

The Invitational Preview Workout!

We will preview one of The Invitational workouts a month in advance to see what kinds of improvements we can make and see our progress. Join us for the preview workout during regular Group Fitness classes on Friday or Saturday, 2/2 or 2/3.

Register Now!

Registration is free and open now. Register by 2/9/24 to get in on the first round of team assignments. You can register up until 3/1/24 and teams will be created until that day to accommodate later registrants.   ~Click Here~

Solcana is thrilled to embark on this journey with you. Don't miss out – register now and let the excitement begin! 


Garrett Ferderber

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