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January AOTM: Saumya Verma

January 08, 20243 min read

January AOTM: Saumya Verma

We are so jazzed to announce Saumya as our January athlete of the month! Saumya is the epitome of child-like wonder and brings so much joy and positive energy to our community. Read more about our January athlete of the month, Saumya, below!


Coach Garrett H shares about Saumya, “I love coaching Saumya! She is very coachable and strives for great technique, frequently asking me to check form and provide cues for technique improvement. She's also super funny and adds a lot of humor and hilarity to our gym community. Finally, Saumya is so badass! She holds down a big job with kids and a family and makes time for fitness. I'm in awe of Saumya and her strength!!”

Coach Traci adds, “I have loved having Saumya in class and getting to coach her.  She is very funny and easy to get to know.  She is so coachable, she asks questions and is very open to feedback.  Saumya brings a wonderful and easy going energy to class.  I am so glad she is part of the Solcana community.”

Saumya shares about her experience at Solcana, “When I started at Solcana, I would get out of breath carrying my toddler up the stairs. 9 months later, I am really enjoying having more energy and learning new fitness skills. Coming to a Solcana group fitness class is like having a warm hug after a crappy day. I can show up as I am and always leave feeling strong. And, I ABSOLUTELY adore our community! Thank you for all your thoughtfulness, Solcana team!”

Coach Hannah describes, “Saumya is so great. She doesn’t take herself too seriously but she also always puts her best foot forward. She’s so funny and kind and goes out of her way to check in with people. I just love her energy, humor and enthusiasm and I’m always so happy to see her at the gym!” 

Coach Garrett F says, “Saumya!!! She has just been so fun to have around. She has such a great attitude, so easy going while also being so funny and irreverent.  She is also super fun to watch and coach as an athlete. She is excited to learn and try things. She pushes herself, while also not overstepping her abilities. It was especially fun to see her crush PRs during our most recent strength cycle. She was like in awe of herself and how much progress she had made. It was 'childlike wonder' at its finest.” 

Saumya and family

Saumya shared that she’s motivated by feeling strong in her body, hearing encouragement from coaches, and hitting personal records! Some of those are being able to do 10 floor push ups in a row when she was only able to do one when she started in March!!! She exceeded her deadlift goal of 175lb by maxing out at 200lb!!! AND she hit her 100th class in December!!!

Coach Lara shares, “Saumya is one of those athletes I am excited to see whenever we're in the gym together.  Her energy and sense of humor are infectious! She's receptive to and appreciative of feedback and she puts it to good use -- it's fun to see her steady progress in strength and skills."

Coach Neesh says, “Saumya, what a fucking star!!!! She had her VERY FIRST class during the fall invitational, and hasn't slowed down since. I love her energy and her spirit in class and out. She reminds me to be a more playful human. She is a determined athlete and a stupendous person. LOVE YOU GIRL”


Things Saumya enjoys: 

  • She is obsessed with her 67 houseplants

  • She loves puzzling and making art with her kiddos

  • She loves binge watching shows with her partner David

Saumya is so important to our community and we look forward to seeing her continued growth!

Cate Reynolds

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