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Exciting Changes to Powerlifting @ Solcana

December 03, 20234 min read

In This Blog Post:

  • Learn more about how we are updating the focus of powerlifting at Solcana

  • Discover what it’s like to attend our powerlifting classes

  • Find out what “powerlifting” even is

  • Identify if powerlifting is for you

What Is Powerlifting

At Solcana we generally mean one of two things when we say “powerlifting”:

  • The sport of powerlifting where people compete to see how much they can Back Squat, Bench Press and/or Deadlift at a meet

  • The practice of powerlifting where we use Back Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift along with associated accessory exercises to measure and increase overall strength

Powerlifting is also the name of a class that we hold every Saturday from 11-1. These classes are an amazing way to focus on these big lifts and associated accessory exercises. They currently do not count toward your class limits. They are suitable for absolute beginners or for seasoned athletes.

Each class has the following elements:

  • Gathering circle and question of the day

  • Warm-up relevant to the workout of the day

  • Workout for anyone new to powerlifting

  • Progressive workout for people who attend regularly

  • Lots of time for lifting, resting, getting technique advice, etc. 

The Saturday Powerlifting Class can be taken like any other class or used more like an open gym. Show up at 11 and participate in the whole thing or drop in as you are able to get in just the lifts you want to do. It is up to you. 

We will also continue to have powerlifting elements in our Group Fitness classes throughout the year. We even have plans to add some mid-week powerlifting opportunities to further increase your access to strength-forward programming. 

NEW, The Solcana Annual Powerlifting Cycle, Now with MEETS!

Starting right now, our powerlifting programming has a new focus. We are implementing an annual cycle. This will allow us to get stronger, see bigger results and have fun sharing our journey with each other. 

The annual cycle will mean that we prioritize one lift for a chunk of time. We will test into that lift at the beginning of each period, work on it consistently and then test out at the end. For the test out, we will hold a casual and fun powerlifting meet. This will be a chance to experience the fun aspects of a meet without all the registration and rules. 

Here is a look at The Annual Powerlifting Cycle:

powerlifting annual cycle

Bench Press and Bagels, Saturday, February 24th, 11AM-1PM

Join us for our first of many Annual Powerlifting Cycle Test Out Meets. This will be a casual, in-house only meet open to any and all Solcana members. We will have snacks and drinks and see how much we can Bench Press in a rules-lite powerlifting meet format. Family and friends are encouraged to come as spectators.

So, Should I Be Powerlifting?

In short…YES! Controlled barbell exercises done at appropriate loads and with increasingly solid technique have TREMENDOUS benefits to health and physical capacity. 

Powerlifting exercises challenge our whole body. They can be incrementally loaded, and they are extremely safe when done properly. This makes them ideal for building strength, muscle and resiliency. Our expert coaches are here to guide you to the best and safest ways to get started and progress your powerlifting practice. 

Now is the perfect time to try our Saturday Powerlifting Class. If that is not your thing, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of powerlifting through our general Group Fitness programming.

Please reach out to me directly with any questions regarding powerlifting or programming here at Solcana: garrett@solcanafitness.com

Check out this FAQ to learn more about our Saturday Powerlifting Class:

Q: What is the Saturday powerlifting class?

A: The Saturday powerlifting class is a strength class that focuses primarily on the back squat, bench press, and deadlift, but also includes other accessory and strength training movements. 

Q: Who can attend the powerlifting class?

A: Any Solcana member can attend. You don’t need to be an experienced lifter. 

Q: Does my membership include powerlifting class?

A: Yes - powerlifting currently DOES NOT count towards your monthly class limit. 

Q: Do I have to be interested in competing to attend powerlifting class?

A: No! We do provide training programs and support for those interested in trying out powerlifting competitions. We also organize a number of informal competitions at Solcana. There’s absolutely no requirement to be involved in competition.

Q: What happens at a typical powerlifting class? 

A: Powerlifting class is a bit “looser” than a typical Solcana group fitness class. We start out with introductions, a question of the day, and a group warm-up, like a regular class. After that we review the programming and folks can go at their own pace for the rest of the time. A coach is available to help out with any questions.  You can follow the provided programming or do your own programming if you prefer.  It’s  sort of a middle ground between a regular class and an open gym. 

Q: Wow, powerlifting is scheduled for two hours! Do I have to stay that whole time?

A:  Short answer: no! We have two hours scheduled to leave plenty of time to get lots of lifting in, but you don’t need to stay the whole time. Feel free to come and go as you like. 


Garrett Ferderber

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