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December AOTM: Filsan Ibrahim

December 07, 20234 min read

December AOTM: Filsan Ibrahim

We’re so amped to announce Filsan as our December athlete of the month! Filsan is such a pillar in our community and brings so much intentional joy and kindness to our space. Read more about our December athlete of the month, Filsan, below! 


Coach Garrett F shares his experience coaching Filsan, “Filsan is a delight to coach. She takes feedback enthusiastically and is super diligent about her form. She works hard but sets a great example by also respecting her own limits. She is such a good friend to the gym and has brought in and supported so many amazing athletes. I love that she has found a home here and that she continues to deepen her involvement with Solcana."

Coach Jenn says, “I love seeing Filsan in classes that I coach or attend. She has grown so much as an athlete in the last year due to her consistency, coachability and attitude. She has a great sense of humor and she is fun to be around. I love that she gets friends to come to class with her and is open to trying new things and then convincing others to do it as well.”

Filsan details her journey to Solcana, “I came across Solcana through Hannah, who introduced me to it during the Coaching Training program. I've never been very active, but thanks to my sisters, the gym has become a regular part of my life. A shout-out to Miriam Fitness, a women-only gym where I first got introduced to working out. Solcana has played a crucial role in teaching me powerlifting techniques, something I never thought I'd be interested in. I was even gearing up to compete in two meets this year through Solcana, and I'm forever grateful for that opportunity. This year, my main goal was to perform an unassisted pull-up, and while I'm making progress, I haven't achieved it quite yet.”


Filsan shares what motivates her, “A strong, healthy, and thriving community where everyone is proudly in their bodies is a fundamental goal for me. One of my deeply ingrained core values is recognizing that EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL. Having been radicalized in a black body in our world, where BIPOC individuals are frequently pushed to their limits, I am compelled to encourage more BIPOC folks and other bodies facing oppression to discover joy and strength in fully and unapologetically inhabiting their bodies.”

She describes her experience at Solcana, “I love being a part of the Solcana community but at times felt the loneliest in classes of 12-15 people. I’m always using my guest passes to have my friends and everyone I know join to make it less of a white space. I value Solcana's commitment to inclusiveness and its core principles, and I am dedicated to playing my part in making it a more vibrant and colorful community.”

Hannah describes,  “Filsan is SO THERE for other people. She made me feel like such a badass when I would workout during my pregnancy and has always been so wonderful to me and my kids. Beyond that she has also been super direct and communicative with me about areas of growth for Solcana and I appreciate that so much. She makes everyone smile and I just love seeing how much she has grown in terms of her movements, but more so in her involvement with our community. She also organizes some really cool BIPOC outdoor events and is really dedicated to the mission of giving BIPOC folks a chance to experience joy!!!!!” 

Coach Neesh adds, “Filsan!! What a committed young human. Filsan is CONSTANTLY bringing in a positive energy into class that is infectious as the coach. Filsan is a sponge for movement knowledge and has grown exponentially in her mind/body connection over the past year that I have known them. I value Filsan so much because not only is she constantly showing up in the space and being authentic she is also investing in the community by bringing in more community members. We are all stronger because of Filsan.”


Coach Lara says, “I have watched Filsan quietly develop impressive skills and confidence over the years.  I love seeing how she supports other athletes, and her sly sense of humor always makes me smile.”

Sonal shares what she loves about Filsan, “Filsan is amazing and one of the kindest athletes. I absolutely love having her in the morning class. So many cool things about her, she is always open to feedback and implements them with a big smile and all the strength and always compliments coaching style. Full marks on her effort and l love seeing her make so much progress ever since she started. Her energy is very warm and welcoming. Oh and I love how she introduces herself, Filsan like Wilsan but with an F.”

About Filsan outside of the gym:

“I like long walks anywhere, particularly due to the pandemic (a win is a win). I love being radical in dreaming and scheming to contribute to a healthier, more abundant world where everyone faces fewer challenges.I love eating, being with folks, and I cherish fostering connections with the world through humor and curiosity.”

Filsan shares some fun facts, “I am a storyteller with a huge family, I’m Muslim. One of my aspirations is to master more than 10 languages, and I constantly seek to find beauty in all things”.

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