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Ready to become your strongest most confident self,

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21-Day [Em]Power

Online Challenge

Join an intimate group of 20 participants who will sweat together, grow together and cheer each other on to create meaningful change in their bodies and their lives.

Solcana is a queer, feminist and equity focused gym located in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis. We offer online classes focused on strength training and conditioning, and believe that high-quality fitness should be accessible to all bodies. If you are ready to gain control of your health in an uplifting community, we are the gym for you.

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Why choose us over every other fitness challenge?

We know you have a lot of options out there.

You're perfect for the [Em]Power Online challenge if:

  • You're ready to break from diet culture and want nutrition advice that isn't focused on weight loss.

  • You want to join a gym but you just don't feel ready.

  • You need a small community of people to hold you accountable and cheer you on.

  • You want to connect with a real person to meet with you weekly on zoom and help you hit your goals.

We are a body-affirming, people-centered gym and our online program is built to meet you where you are today, not some idealized version of you.

This is NOT a one-size-fits-all challenge.

  • Your custom meal plan is built for your goals, food preferences, allergies, cooking ability, budget, time and how many people you need to feed. Finally get the nutrition outcomes you want without sacrificing taste, affordability and family time.

  • Weekly 1-on-1 meetings with a coach ensure that you get a personal connection to someone who can hold you authentically accountable. You can't get lost in this challenge without someone noticing.

  • The daily workouts are endlessly modifiable, with tons of options available for each movement. The live-stream workouts are less than 10 people per class, with the coach speaking directly to you. Need on-demand workouts? Your 1-on-1 coach will offer you personalized modifications to adjust them around your specific body.

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Meet Your Coaches

Coach Garrett (He/Him)

Garrett has over a decade of experience coaching and has worked with individuals from every walk of life. He specializes in injury recovery, building life-long mobility, and incorporating small changes to help athletes experience big outcomes. His goal in working with you is to help you make realistic, practical choices around your health that allow you to reach your goals in a transformative way. Garrett coaches all of our live-stream classes and will be your daily fitness coach.

Brooke Haesemeyer (They/Them)

Brooke is a group fitness and accountability coach and specializes in helping individuals find the modifications that best suit their body type. They work from a foundation of body liberation and believe that nutrition should nurture a positive relationship with self, rather than punitive. They want to help you find a thoughtful approach to your wellness goals that does not involve shame-based dieting or workouts. They coach in-person classes at Solcana and will be your weekly 1-on-1 accountability coach.

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What's Included

21-days of live and on-demand fitness classes ($87)

Custom meal plan with weekly adjustments ($99)

Small group accountability and daily challenges ($49)

Weekly 1-on-1 meetings with a personal coach ($117)

Total Value = $352

Your Price

Only $199

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What time are the live-stream classes?

A: Live classes run at 6 am and 7 am MWF, and are accessed through a zoom link. Your coach is live with you and can help you actively correct your form or modify as needed during the class. If you can't attend a live class, that's no problem. We will send you a recorded class every morning by 5 am that you can complete on your own time.

Q: Do I have to be at a certain fitness level to do this?

A: Not at all! We specialize in working with beginners, and we can make both the workouts and the nutrition suited to whatever your needs are. We have athletes with all sorts of body types, abilities and experience levels.

Q: What if I don't want to do a meal plan or I have a history of food issues?

A: The meal plan is an optional version of this program. If a meal plan is too much or too invasive, we can work with you on any other goal. Each week you meet with your coach and if you want them to hold you accountable around something else, they can do that. For example maybe you choose to work on drinking more water, sleeping 8 hrs per night or putting less pressure on yourself around food. We are flexible and have worked with all types of wellness related goals.

Q: What if I am tired of doing stuff online?

A: We get it. It's been a long pandemic for everyone, and doing one more thing online seems so hard! However, this isn't just a "you're on your own" program. We hold your hand through it, give you support and make sure you don't get left behind. We suggest pulling up your computer for the workout but leaving it open in the background as you bop to the music and have fun moving. You don't need to stare at the screen to follow some complicated sequence of movements. we get you working and you can get in the zone without constant screen time.

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