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Drop Dead(lift) Gorgeous

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August 12th, 2023

Solcana Fitness

Join Solcana Fitness for our annual FUN competition and fundraiser!

Drop Dead(lift) Gorgeous is a space designed to empower, support, & create visibility regarding the importance of trans+ inclusion in sport. In 2023 alone, over 340 anti-LGBTQIA+ bills across the nation have been introduced, 150 of those targeting trans+ communities.

Drop Dead(lift) Gorgeous will be raising funds for Family Tree Clinic. Our goal is $25,000.

Since Minnesota is considered a refuge state, the need for access to life saving gender affirming care will increase, as many surrounding states have banned & even criminalized access to gender affirming care. Supporting Family Tree Clinic financially will allow them to continue offering accessible, affordable, and affirming healthcare, particularly for trans+ & non-binary communities.

Drop Dead(lift) Gorgeous includes various components:

- Deadlift competition

- Small business & craft vendor fair

- Food truck

- Raffle prizes from local businesses

This is a family friendly event! You don’t have to be a Solcana Fitness member to participate.

Registration deadline: July 15th

Cost & Fundraising

Cost to register is $100 - $35. Please pay at your highest ability.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Free registration is available to trans+ & non-binary lifters. Please email info@solcanafitness.com to request free registration.

Registration fee covers the event costs and includes event t-shirt, 3 raffle tickets, and supporting an amazing cause!

We will also be asking lifters to do fundraising for Family Tree.

You will receive lots of information for how to do this after you register with us.

How Does it Work?

This event is unsanctioned, which means it does not adhere to the policies of USA Powerlifting pertaining to gendered divisions or any policies regulating or restricting competition for transgender and non-binary athletes.

Participants will have the chance to achieve their best deadlift score within 3 attempts. The event will be split into 2-3 flights based on opening attempt. Each flight will complete all three lifts prior to moving to the next flight. See flight breakdown below.

We need your opening attempt in order to organize the flights

Example: opening attempt 170 KG

While there is an element of fun competition, the event is centered on confidence, community, & joy. Athletes are encouraged to set a personal goal, whether that be a new PR, or simply feeling more confident in your deadlift skills. This event is designed for (and highly encourages) athletes of all experience levels, genders, & ages. You do not have to be a Solcana member to participate.

FAQ about the event

Q: How will scoring work?

A: Although there will be referees and some basic rules for what counts as a successful lift (see below), there will be no official scoring or points used for this meet. Drop Dead(lift) Gorgeous is all about FUN. This is an opportunity to lift heavy things, support a great cause, and meet new friends. We encourage all lifters to make this an opportunity to challenge themselves and maybe find a new PR!

Q: Will there be judges?

A: Yes - there will be individuals with past judging experience and/or certification. Mostly to provide consistency and accountability. Each lifter will receive 3 attempts. Judges will be responsible for determining if lifts are successful or not.

Q: Do you need my gender or bodyweight for scoring?

A: Nope! This space welcomes people of all genders, gender expressions, and body types.

Q: Will I have to wear a singlet?

A: Nope - at least not if you don’t want to. Wear something you feel comfortable lifting in. We only ask you wear tall socks to cover your shins. Closed toe shoes are also required. Otherwise, go wild - costumes and event themed attire is encouraged.

Q: What is considered a successful lift?

A: Judges will be looking for a variety of things, including: following verbal commands, knee lockout, and bar control. If you’ve never lifted in a competition, but have interest - this will be a great opportunity to have ‘meet’ exposure in a low-risk, non-scoring, fun environment.

As you’re training - these are the main standards judges will be looking for:

Shoulders fully erect at final positionKnees locked outNot hiking or supporting the bar on the thighMaintaining control of the bar back to the platformNo downward movement of the bar before it reaches its final positionNo forward of backward foot movement

Q: What if I miss my attempt?

A: In the event you miss your attempt, or need to bail - we will have a back spotter.

Q: What equipment is/isnt allowed?

A: Unlike a sanctioned meet, Drop Dead(lift) Gorgeous is way more relaxed. Lifters can bring equipment, including but not limited to: belt (buckle, latch, velcro), knee sleeves or wraps, wrist wraps and/or straps. We just ask that you don't use anything that would be part of an "equipped" meet, such as deadlift suits or wraps that provide additional strength to the lift.

Q: What type of equipment will be used?

A: We will be using an official powerlifting bar. Additionally, we will use kilo (KG) plates. There will be a conversion charts available from lbs to kg.

Q: What will the flow of the day be?

A: Lifters will check in (starting at 7:30 AM). The event will be hosted outside, therefore lifters will be able to warm-up inside. There will be a brief rules briefing for all lifters at 8:00 AM. Lifting will start at 9:00 AM. Closer to the meet - all registrants will receive an email with a day-of timeline. This will include commonly asked questions about the flow of a meet, check-in details, and more.

Q: How will fundraising work?

A: Family Tree Clinic has created a giving platform. All lifters will be listed on the campaign page, including how much they’ve raised. Lifters will be able to direct donors to the campaign website. All donations will be tax deductible. Donors will receive a receipt of their donation directly from Family Tree Clinic.

Q: What should my fundraising goal be?

A: Each lifter will be encouraged to raise (minimum $100). This is like asking 4 friends for $25 - BOOM, done! However, we know that the meet itself is only half the competition. What’s your lifting goal? Align your fundraising goal with your heaviest lift. When you have a clear goal and direct ask - this makes fundraising much more manageable.

Q: I don’t have much fundraising experience - help!

A: We know asking for money can be intimidating - that’s why we are here to help. We will be sending out regular communication to registrants on tips, tricks, and ideas to help jump start your fundraising. This could include messaging, social media post examples, or fun challenges.

Q: Will anything else be happening?

A: Yes! We will have a food truck, vendors, raffles, and more. We will have a DJ and emcee - as well as, fundraising events and challenges for the community to participate in at the event. Proceeds from the event and all funds raised by lifters will be donated to Family Tree Clinic.