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Become a certified Coach

with Solcana

Our 12-week training program will give you the skills and certification required to help you become a successful strength and conditioning coach or personal trainer at Solcana, another gym, or in your own fitness business.

Our 12-week program will prepare you for a career in fitness, while also giving you the skills to become an equity-focused coach who can serve all bodies. The program includes practical hands-on experience, as well as preparation to complete the National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (NASM) exam. We will also support you in finding a career in fitness, whether that is with us or somewhere else, by providing job support and references based on your time in the program. The program is both online and in-person, and can be very flexible based on your schedule. Program pricing is sliding scale and can be as little as $0. Our goal is to make a high-quality certification process that is also accessible to all people.

Upcoming session starts Sep 12th, 2022

  • 3x per week hands-on training with professional coaches.

  • Access to NASM training materials and accountability coach to help you succeed on the exam.

  • Weekly video content from Solcana focused on barbell strength skills not covered in the NASM.

  • Bi-weekly Group Q & A sessions via zoom.

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12-Week Training Program Outline

Weeks 1-3 you will be shadowing a lead coach (3x per week), taking notes and following up with your observations.

Weeks 4-6 you will be co-coaching with a lead coach (3x per week) where you are working together to run the class and work with individuals.

Weeks 7-9 you will be lead coaching classes (3x per week) while being observed, and receive feedback.

Weeks 9-12 you will get private coaching to improve your weaknesses, and job coaching to help you find the fitness career you're looking for.

Complete your NASM test at the end of week 12 or at any time convenient to you.

We are a body-affirming, people-centered gym and our training program builds empowered coaches who can help their athletes thrive.

  • Learn how to run a class of 12 athletes at different fitness levels. Gain the ability to modify movements for folks based on their ability, body-type and experience.

  • Practice group leadership skills to help you become a dynamic, thoughtful coach that provides real meaningful change for their athletes.

  • Learn how identity impacts athletes experience in the gym, and practice equity work to create an environment that it suitable for a variety of people.

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Meet Your Program Directors

Coach Garrett (He/Him)

Garrett has over a decade of experience coaching and has worked with individuals from every walk of life. He specializes in injury recovery, building life-long mobility, and incorporating small changes to help athletes experience big outcomes. His goal in working with you is to help you become a knowledgable coach with a well-trained eye, and the ability to discern when or what is appropriate to ask of an athlete as they grow. He will also provide you with a wealth of information behind the "why" of the things we do in the fitness world.

Hannah Wydeven (She/Her)

Hannah is the owner of Solcana and has been a fitness coach since 2010. She specializes in working with folks who've experienced major physical changes, specifically those who've experienced pregnancy and/or childbirth, major surgeries (including gender-affirming surgeries), aging and injury. Her goal is to help you become a coach who can lead with structure, personality and work from a place of both fun and rigorous practice. She will show you how to build a discerning eye and how to incorporate specific and meaningful cues into working 1-on-1 with an athlete.

What's Included

NASM training materials and certification exam ($799)

12 weeks of online training materials ($499)

9 weeks of on the floor training with professional coaches ($1250)

Bi-Weekly Group Meetings with a small cohort ($199)

Access to NASM continuing education training materials for 1 year ($209)

1-on-1 guidance from a personal coach ($299)

Total Value = $3,255

Your Price Range

$0 - $1299

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I be automatically hired by Solcana if I complete this program?

A: Not necessarily. Our hiring needs are assessed quarterly based on availability in scheduling, your performance in the program and our needs for diverse representation in our staff. Completing the program doesn't guarantee a hire, but it certainly sets you up to be hired in the future by us or by another company. Plus, we will offer you personal coaching to help you figure out what you want to do with your new coaching certification and we can offer help in searching for a job.

Q: Do I have to be at a certain fitness level to do this?

A: No. We take coaches at all levels of their own personal fitness. You don't need to be able to perfectly execute every movement 100% of the time, our goal is to help you be able to teach others how to execute well, no matter what you can do.

Q: What if I will be on vacation for some of this, or can't come at the same time every week?

A: That's ok. As long as you complete your required number of observations, co-coaching and lead coaching, you can do it based on your own schedule. The rest of the learning is online and can be done at your own pace and on your own time. This program is recommended to be 12 weeks but it may take you longer to finish if that is what you need.

Q: What if I can't afford a training program?

A: Our goal is to make this program affordable to lots of different people. That means you may apply and be offered a spot at $0 if that is what you need in order to participate. The program is maximum $1299 but the price can value based on your means and your income.

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