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We have reached capacity!

November 27, 20233 min read

I never thought I would be saying these words, but Solcana has reached maximum capacity!

As our members and staff have noticed, we are bursting at the seems over here at the gym, and we have now reached a membership cap, and are implementing a waitlist for new memberships.

What does that mean for people who want to join?

We are at a replacement rate of about 7-10 members per month. We lose about that many people each month to cancellations for various reasons, so we will only be able to accept new members in place of cancelled members.

The only way in for future memberships is through our [Em]Power Beginner Program. Everyone who wants to start with us will go through this program first and then be eligible for membership.

We will still be offering sliding scale spots in the empower program, and those folks will still be eligible for sliding scale memberships after they complete empower.

We are still supporting between $48,000-$52,000 worth of sliding scale memberships each year and plan to continue that into 2024.

What does that mean for current members?

Now that we have capped our membership, we are adding and changing class schedules to make sure that there are less waitlists and more opportunities to workout at our most popular times. That is going to require a bit of experimentation for us around which class times and offerings will be most attended, so we appreciate your flexibility and feedback as we try some things out.

This also means that for now we are limiting guests to Sunday Funday. We just don't have room for guests during other classes, and we don't want to take spots from other members.

Lastly, for members who cancel, we won't ask you to go through the beginner program to rejoin, but you will have to be placed on the waitlist to start a membership again.

The membership cap is great news for members, because it means that the issues of crowding, waitlists, etc will not get worse, and our team can activate around making sure every member has access to the gym.

What's next?

We are actively looking for a new space where we can feel less cramped, have more bathrooms and offer more options for parking. It's clear now that our tiny community gym needs a bigger home so we can serve as many people as possible, and that is my number one priority for the next year as the owner of the gym. We have some really solid leads for where we would like to move, and plan to stay very close to where we are now.

For myself as the owner, I am in awe of how this community has grown. This is a problem I never thought we would face, and I certainly never anticipated being too crowded! I can't possibly express the amount of gratitude I have for every single member we have, and the way you have stuck around as we have quite literally tripled our membership, and gone through all of the growing pains along the way.

Your feedback is incredibly important to us, and our team is constantly reflecting on the changes we need to implement to keep up with the demand. Thank you so much for always being willing to share your thoughts and giving us opportunities to better our services. Thank you also for adapting and being flexible as we grow and evolve.

So much love to all of you as we enter this next chapter of Solcana!

If you have any questions or concerns for me, feel free to reach out to me hannah@solcanafitness.com or you can use the anonymous form on our website under the 'members' tab.

Hannah Wydeven

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